Tom Davies is a prestigious eyewear brand without parallel, built on the principles of fit, form and function.

Our bespoke service starts with a bespoke eye test in the Tom Davies Vision Clinic. We then design a frame around a person's natural features, fitted perfectly to their nose, head shape and ears and finally craft a bespoke ZEISS lens at the same time. This combination of bespoke lens and bespoke frame provides an unparalleled result in eyewear.


We take detailed measurements around the head, specifically around the ears and nose and then design the frame of your choice to perfectly fit your unique features.


Materials are selected together with the customer. We then take photos in the chosen template frame. These are then sent to the Tom Davies design studio where the eyewear is redesigned for each individual customer. Specific attention is paid to the brow line of each customer and the frame is tailored to bring symmetry to the face.


Finally, the bespoke eye examination in our Vision Clinic ensures your lifestyle, profession, activity level, medical history and any eye health issues are also considered, not only in the design of your frame but also in the design of your lens.

We encourage you to experience both the bespoke eye examination and the fitting simultaneously to achieve optimum results.

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